About Me

I am a cryptography engineer at CryptoExperts in Paris since 2017. I mainly work on white-box cryptography and privacy-preserving cryptography.

Before that, I was a senior software engineer at Baidu in Beijing from 2015 to 2017.

I am a member of CHES 2021 artifact review committee.

I co-organized the 2nd edition, and is co-organizing the 3rd edition of the WhibOx contest, which are the CTF events of CHES 2019 and CHES 2021.


I obtained my Ph.D. degree in cryptography in 2020 from the University of Luxembourg, and from the University Paris 8 under the supervision of Jean-Sébastien CORONSihem MESNAGERPascal PAILLIER, and Matthieu RIVAIN. The defense of my thesis entitled On the practical security of white-box cryptography, took place in June 24, 2020. Please find more information in jwa.ng/thesis.

Before that, I received my master degrees in computer science from the University of Luxembourg and Shandong University in 2015.

Before that, I received my bachelor degree in software engineering from Shandong University in 2012.


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